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SEO Freelance Consultant London

I am an SEO Consultant based in London. My aim is to help small businesses to grow their online presence and subsequently the number of their clients.
I will optimise your website using up-to-date white hat practices, and although I do not promise miracles, I will do my best to get you on the first page of SERP.

I have been building and optimising websites using html/php, Joomla and WordPress for many years. 

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Local SEO Expert

Local SEO marketing is very competitive, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small business sites to rank. Your local strategy has to be comprehensive, it’s not enough to just create a Google My Business listing.

It’s important that you hire a local SEO expert who understands how Google ranks websites. There is more to local rankings than just map listings. You want to also be optimized organically. This helps you gain more visibility within the first page of the search results.

How I Work?

Understand Your Business

I spend time understanding your business and your needs. I really dislike when people insist they can help but they have no idea what I actually do and what I need.


Analyse your website, your market segment, understand your competitors, evaluate their websites and their Search Optimisation Techniques. 

Keyword Research

Keywords are the search terms that people type or dictate into the search engines. I analyse what people searching online relating to your niche and the volume of these searches.

Optimized SEO content

The content of your website needs to be unique and helpful to your users. I will help you create the right content so your users come back again and again

Mobile First

I will make sure that your website is mobile friendly as mobile phone searches have overtaken computers. If your website is not mobile friendly your users will navigate to a different website that offers beter user experience.

Quick Support

I am here for you and available when you need me. I do not work 9 to 5 and forget about you afterwards. Your online success is also my success.

Why Should You Choose Me Over An Agency?

When you work with me – you work only with me. I do all the work and I know your work inside out. When you work with agencies, you’re paying an inflated price. The agency will mark up the expert’s rate in order to make money. When you work with me, you pay for an expert with 5 times the experience and without paying an inflated cost.

As a business owner, you’re probably working late nights and weekends. Me too! If a project has to be turned in to a client on Monday, and it’s Friday, I’ll work the weekend to finish it. You can’t say that with other white label SEO services. You can call me or email me during the weekend, and I’ll reply. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about what day of the week it is.


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What’s My Availability?

Good question. I will only take as much work as I can personally handle. Once I’ve reached my capacity, I will take this page down. If you’re reading this, then I have hours available. Schedule a call with me to discuss your needs and my availability.



Affordable Local SEO Services In London

I understand the need for optimizing a business for local search engines without charging the astronomical rates of a larger agency. I accomplish this by focusing time and effort on ranking factors that matter for the individual business. Things like getting more quality reviews, acquiring notable business mentions, and creating effective content for local search visibility, I tackle your search campaign with pure experience.

Contact me today to learn more about pricing for your location and individual goals. I price my clients on a case-by-case basis, determined by the popularity/difficulty of the keywords for which they want to rank in a Google search.


SEO Consulting Deliverables:

I work with companies nationwide, but often I consult with companies in the Greater London Area or surrounding counties such as Surrey. Because of the Internet, it doesn’t really matter where your company is physically located! What matters is that you want to get to the top of Google’s or Bing’s free listings, using search engine optimization, and I can consult with you on your Internet marketing needs. I provide professional SEO consulting based on the following search optimization tasks:

  • Goal Assessment – what are your SEO goals? It is to drive web traffic? Is it to get registrations? Is it to get “click-and-buy” actions? Without a clear idea of your goals, you will never know if you succeed.
  • Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of good Internet marketing and SEO. I will work with you to develop a robust, insightful keyword worksheet.
  • On-Page Optimization – Many websites are poorly optimized, at best. I will identify the best tags for you and position your keywords inside those tags. In addition, I will work with you on Web-friendly content.
  • Off-Page Optimization – getting links is just the beginning. There are many tricks to the trade of link generation, and I know them all. I have an extensive PR and marketing background that is more than just technical SEO.
  • Metrics – Google Analytics and beyond. Today, everything is about metrics, including your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Let me teach you the best ways to get metrics.

Please contact me as your potential customers are out there searching Google, Bing, and Yahoo today!


SEO Consultant London

I work with clients all over the world on their Search Engine Optimization, but many clients prefer to meet face-to-face. If you are not in London, don’t worry. I work with many companies on their SEO needs over the phone and the Internet, using Skype to consult with you as if I were in your office.  Here’s a little about my philosophy as an SEO consultant. I do it “with you” and not “for you,” meaning we have to work together as SEO expert, on the one hand (the person who knows a lot about search engine optimization), and business expert, on the other hand (that would be you, the person who knows your industry, your customers, and your goals). First, we’ll define your goals, then we’ll define your keywords, and then we’ll implement them in both On Page and Off Page SEO. Don’t worry! I’ll be there as your SEO expert, working side-by-side. And don’t worry if you’re not physically in London– we’ll largely do it all via phone call, Web meeting, and Google Docs.

Affordable Local SEO

Web presence is of paramount importance these days as most of the potential clients are looking to find the information and the product they need online.

Almost everyone is using a smartphone or a computer these days. It is of paramount importance therefore that a business needs to have not only a website but also being found easily online.

Why so many small and medium business have no websites or even if they have one are nowhere to be seen in search engine results page (SERPS)?

Every time i discuss online presence and digital marketing with small business, the first limiting factor identified appears to be the cost of setting it up.

In contrast with large businesses, a small business owner or a sole healthcare practitioner hasn't got the initial capital to improve online business. Depending on whom you ask, this capital can run into thousands of pounds. Yell for example charges more than £20,000 a year plus vat to do a mediocre search engine optimisation work. Other SEO agencies will work with only if your turn-over is more than £500,000 a year. Well, I am a small business owner and would never be able to afford Yell's prices.

This is why I am here to offer you this must need boost to improve online presence. This will help you to get the customers you need and improve your turnover month on month

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