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Are you looking to improve the SEO of your WordPress website? Is it a new site? A redesign or perhaps you’re moving over from another content management system (CMS)? Whether a creating or moving a site you want to work with an expert who will ensure that your current SEO stays intact and make any additional improvements.

WordPress is one of the most popular open sourced CMS used today. While overall the platform has the basic SEO elements needed there are plugins that can enhance the over functionality of the platform. However, these plugins alone will not improve SEO by themselves. Don’t be fooled by developers who say they’ll install a plugin to handle your SEO, if it was that easy – everyone would rank well.

As search engines evolve your site needs to keep up with new algorithmic updates otherwise this can impact your site’s ability to rank for key terms. This is why SEO is an ongoing process. Slowly declining traffic and rankings are a good indication that your site is not in line with the current Google algorithm. If you are creating content on a regular basis and your traffic is flat or declining it could be a part of a larger issue. Click below to schedule some time with this WordPress SEO expert.

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How To Get Started?

After you schedule a call with me I’ll create a high-level audit that wil
  • Review your site’s structure
  • Review your current plugins
  • Check your site’s load time and speed
  • A report showing where you rank for your desired keywords
  • Uncover problem areas of WordPress that may be holding your site back from ranking or being crawled properly

WordPress SEO Service includes:

  • Integrate Schema
  • Xml sitemap set up
  • Search console and analytics
  • URL structure and optimization
  • Title tag and meta description optimization

Why Use My WordPress SEO Services?

As an expert that has worked on multiple sites I know many of the common issues that face not only WordPress sites but websites in general. There is more to WordPress SEO than just tags, content, links and Yoast. Call me now to discuss how we can improve the online visibility of your WordPress site.

Improve your WordPresswebsite's online visibility.

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Wordpress Optimisation

I specialize in optimizing existing WordPress websites!

WordPress implementations typically need significant optimization before they can handle large amounts of concurrent traffic.  Our technical team works on the application, images, server configuration, and tuning.  I have done dozens of optimizations so you can rest assure that your WordPress website is in good hands.


WordPress Plugin Optimization

Any poorly performing plugins are identified and then removed, corrected, or replaced. Plugin developers rarely build their plugins with big traffic in mind and many plugins fail miserably when the traffic hits.


WordPress Theme Optimization

Theme developers are also guilty of failing to address performance issues. Slow loading theme elements are identified and corrected.  Comprehensive caching plugins are installed and carefully configured. WordPress is very resource intensive and even a single page uses significant resources. Caching plugins greatly reduce that load.


WordPress Image Optimization

Any images that were over-sized were identified and then replaced with images in web resolution. This greatly reduces the overall bandwidth load.  Most sites with significant traffic and significant image and video content require a CDN (Content Delivery Network).   The appropriate CDN will be selected and implemented.


WordPress Server Configuration and Tuning

All Linux servers provided by hosts typically have only the Apache web server installed. Apache is desirable when dealing with PHP (programming language) and MySQL (database schema) which are the foundations of WordPress. However, Apache uses loads of server resources. All web pages have static elements (images, scripts, style sheets, etc.) that are better served using NGINX (another form of web server). NGINX is typically installed and carefully configured to serve certain page elements. Apache, NGINX, and other critical server elements are carefully configured to provide the best possible WordPress performance.

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